EPOCH's Complete Stick

The EPOCH Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts and the EPOCH Hawk Sequel heads have been killin it lately. Now, instead of buying the two fan favorites separate at a higher cost, EPOCH is releasing the EPOCH Sequel Gen.6 Dragonfly C30 complete stick deal at only $184.99! Becoming available in iQ5 or iQ9 and C30 or C60, you'll be able to get whatever combination you could think of. The iQ technology indicates the stiffness of the shaft, so the iQ5 shaft is stiffer while the iQ9 shaft is a more flexible. The difference between the C30 and C60 lengths is that the C30 is the length for attack and midfielders and the C60 length is for long stick defenseman. monday-5am<1>EPOCH is helping everyone out by doing this, now they can sell more complete sticks at a lower cost and also allow more players to purchase a complete stick for under $200. This truly is a great price for a complete stick of this caliber, EPOCH's products are high quality, so to put a very good head and shaft together for this low of a price is hard to find. gen6c301_<1>sequelbeautyil1_10_<1>

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