Epoch Lacrosse Sequel head Review

"The Hawk Sequel: Because Every great production deserves a Sequel" they say... The Epoch Sequel HeadFunctionality: We would have to agree on this one! If you are a fan of the original Hawk you can understand that power/quick release combo of a high pocket. At 116MPH + Zack Dorn has certainly harnessed the power of the first Hawk. In the head category we demand both innovation and style and the Sequel did not let us down. First Glance: We brought these heads into our warehouse for a full run down and at first glance we really like the lines and overall look. You can see that unique sidewall strut coming up the side makes this head stand out. The bar breaks off as it heads towards the scoop into a Y and creates some good looking angles throughout and increases the stability. The face shape is very similar to the original hawk so you will get that same great look and feel. Down by the throat you can see a Large Epoch 'E' pointing up near the throat. We thought this was an aggressive logo hit but that beefy throat gives the head some great power and weight distribution. That unique logo location is growing on us every time we take a glance. Stringing: We worked in a few patterns before we went with the one you see below. We tossed in some @Epochlax Otter mesh with a mid to high pocket that is mildly defined. The top shooter was IG inspired by a new account @Fl_stringer and we love the look of this one. We have only had this head in our hands for a few hours but the ball is coming in hot and super accurate. Overall we really like the weight and playability of this head and we are looking forward to trying a bunch of different pockets over the next few weeks. Thanks to Epoch Lax for another dime. _ULCEpoch Lacrosse Sequel headThe Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head
Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head Review Naked Sequel
Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head Review
Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head Review Epoch Lacrosse Sequel head Pocket Shot
Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head Review Epoch Sequel Face Shot
Epoch Lacrosse Sequel Head ReviewEpoch Lacrosse Sequel Head ReviewEpoch Lacrosse Sequel Head Review

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