Custom Stringing Trends

Stringing in the Lacrosse world has taken a life of it's own. All over social media you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts solely dedicated to stringing lacrosse heads in different ways. A lot of the time stringing is a matter of personal preference. Everyone plays differently so everyone likes their own style of pocket. We have seen a bunch of trends develop in the stringing world and decided to talk about a few. First up I want to talk about the FOGO Pocket that we string in the STX Duel Head. This pocket is great with a softer mesh that allows from great ball control at the X. With a nice mid/high pocket we were able to string something that doesn't interfere with the ball so it wont get stuck during a clamp. image001 Another one of my favorite things that I have been seeing lately is the Iroquois Top String. We have it Featured on a Nike Lakota and the #TBLStick. This top string not only looks awesome but also performs pretty well too, giving you a great release point for quicker passes. Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.44.57 PM Some of my personal go to stringing methods include using Knots and interlocks. Both of these lock down the mesh up top and if used correctly will give a great channel. Everyone has their own style in life and stringing in lacrosse is no exception!

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