Differences between the STX Crux 100, 300 and 500

Do you know the differences between these sticks? STX has come out this year with new names for their sticks-mainly using different numbers to tell them apart. The higher the number, the more advanced the stick is with different stringing, weight, shaft and runway pockets. CRUX 100 This is a beginner level girls stick that is very lightweight. It comes in some fun, crazy colors such as: electric, grape, punch, white and lizard. The Crux 100 is strung with a precision pocket, similar to a men's pita pocket where there are two leathers but no rubber runway down the middle. The scoop on the top is wider than other Crux heads which makes it easier for beginners to scoop up those annoying ground balls. crux1001_ CRUX 300 The Crux 300 is the most commonly used stick in the Crux family. It is for both intermediate and advanced players because it has a Runway Pocket (which flex out and hug the ball for better control and feel) along with a more curved scoop up top. This stick is primarily used by attack players because the ball sits up higher in the head called the "sweet spot". When the ball sits up higher, it comes out quicker for those quick stick shots or passes which attack players love right in front of the crease. w_heads_crux300_front_black_3 CRUX 500 Quickly becoming the most popular new stick of the year, the Crux 500 is blowing players away with the new Launch Pocket Technology. This new runner system helps to increase ball control and the chevrons flex out to hug the ball for ultimate feel. The runner is wider at the top of the head because when the ball sits in the "sweet spot" there is much more rubber on rubber grip. This pocket shape is specifically engineered to maintain its shape and keep the stick legal over an extended period of use. The scoop is not as curved as with the Crux 300 which does allow for easer ground ball pick-up. stx_womens_heads_crux500_3q_graphitetaxi_5 It can be very confusing and overwhelming when looking at the new numbering system STX has decided to use to differentiate their sticks but once you know the main differences between them all, you are pretty much a pro!

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