Correct Helmet Positioning

Are you wearing our helmet correctly? It is the age old question of "Is my son wearing his helmet correctly? It doesn't look like all the other kids on the field." Well, that's probably because the helmet was not sized appropriately and is definitely not safe! There are a few simple key points to keep in mind when sizing your players helmet on his head so it doesn't look like it's doing a 'wheelie' when he's running down the field. First, make sure that he can get it on without struggle. Some towns give out older helmets for newbies (but they are certified) and the person giving out the helmet doesn't know the proper fitting. No helmet should hurt a player when coming and off. Yes, it will take some practice getting used to it but it should not be painful. Helmets come in different sizes, based on the circumference of the players head from XXS to Large for youth helmets. (Example: Cascade CPV). cascade_cpv_lacrosse_helmet_3 Second, once the helmet is on, the player should be looking through the correct bars on the face mask. This is crucial! Every player should be looking through the top two 'squares' in the face mask to ensure that the chin piece is low enough to protect the throat area. Some people may thing that the middle 'squares' are the correct ones, but it exposes way too much of the throat. INCORRECT CORRECT IMG_1180 IMG_0173 The third step is to adjust the chin strap. This can take either 3 minutes or 45 minutes depending on how many patients everyone has. It is easiest to unsnap all 4 snaps and have the player hold the chin piece on their chin where it is comfortable. While they hold it still with 2 hands, this is where the patients comes in, the other person (player, parent, coach) slides the snaps down so that they are adjusted. A general rule that I have always followed is to do the two two snaps first and then the bottom. Although this sounds extremely easy to accomplish, there are so many beginners who head out on the field for their first game with their helmet doing a 'wheelie' while sprinting down field and it is not safe. As a company, Universal Lacrosse always adjusts the snaps on new players before they leave the store. Our staff is very knowledgeable about helmets and can always answer tons of questions about sizing, when to move into a larger helmet and when an old helmet may not be safe anymore.

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