Crux i: What's that?

STX has just released their latest edition in their well-known Crux series. This specific series is for the attackers on the field of all levels. Specifically, the new Crux i is the first elite STX head that meets the Federation of International Lacrosse's guidelines and specifications. With its 10° technology and precision pocket that is already a hit on the market, it drives the ball to the sweet spot of the stick for its quickest release, while also maintaining great ball feel. cruxi-2 Although it is mainly an international stick, this has intrigued some players in the USA to question if they might want one of these instead. Some of its other features include a Patented Elastomer Overmold that reduces the ball from rattling away, a pointed scoop for an increase on accuracy for shots and passes, and an extreme scoop angle for that extra added snap. cruxi-5 Coming in black, graphite, and white, this may be the new and improved attacking stick for girls of any age while also having the most minimal sidewall height for the deepest legal pocket.

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