MLL Players Pledge to Donate Brain for Concussion Research

For the first time ever, Major League Lacrosse and the Concussion Legacy Foundation teamed up to create the first ever Concussion Awareness Week in the sport of lacrosse. This awareness week took place from June 5th-11th with the goal to “promote player safety and educate coaches players and fans”. The MLL and the Concussion Legacy Foundation is hoping this will help educate more players, coaches and fans about how to prevent and treat concussions. With huge strides in Lacrosse helmets by manufactures like Cascade, STX, Brine and Warrior we are excited to see how this research can help further improve their helmets. cascade-customizer-pic<1> There will definitely be more information available about concussions in the near future when MLL MVP Kevin Crowley, All-Star goalkeeper Tyler Fiorito and 11 other MLL players have pledged to donate their brains to the Concussion Legacy Foundation during the first Concussion Awareness Week. With the help of these players, and many other star athletes, researchers will be able to learn more about concussions and hopefully allow us to lower the risk of concussions.stallion_600_quarter_gray<1>The risk of concussions is already decreasing with the help of new technology in the helmet world. Cascade and STX are doing their best to prevent concussions. The new Cascade R and Stallion 600 helmets are the newest helmets in the market and have the latest technology. As more and more information is known about concussions and with new technology, the risk of concussions will hopefully decrease over time.

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