Cascade LX Review

cascadelx So.... I'm a guy.... but believe it or not I have female friends. Some of which even play lacrosse. So I've asked around and gotten a few responses to the Cascade LX women's headgear. The reviews were great for Cascade! All of the lady laxers I talked to said they thought it was a great idea. To my surprise, most of the girls expressed how they thought this was a step in the direction towards more contact. The pliable shell for the Cascade LX isn't as hard as the outer shell of a Cascade R, but it does provide some protection, more than conventional goggles do. The girls said it was lightweight and felt comfortable. Some thought the most overlooked feature was the slit in the headgear to allow the player to wear their hair up. Who knows?! Maybe the women's game will transition to full helmets for field players one day in the future. Only time will tell.

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