Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

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The Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear is a revolutionary piece of protective equipment for Women's Lacrosse designed as Cascade's first headgear to bring added safety to the sport. The LX Headgear is a one size fits most fully adjustable headgear protection system with integrated LX steel face mask. With Cascades Proven protection the LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear uses existing impact PORON XRD  protection technology to dissipate impact energy while creating an extremely comfortable fit. The LX Steel Mask was engineered with open sight lines for clear vision and with an ergonomic shape in mind. Cascade designed the LX Women's Headgear to reduce injury from ball-to-head and stick-to-head contact with a tough outer shell that is still flexible and soft enough to keep unprotected players safe from contact with the headgear. 

- Fully adjustable and customizable one size fits most. 

- Meets new ASTM 3137 for Headgear protection.

- Meets new ASTM 3077 for Goggle protection.

- PORON XRD technology increases impact energy protection from head-to-ball or stick-to-head collision. 

- Flexible outer shell for impact protection with other players.



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Mixed Review Review by EDHCoach
We had over a dozen youth players get them on team's I coach, U12 and U14, this last spring. We had one U14 girl get a serious concussion prior to the helmet, so many girls were anxious to wear them. In games they seemed to protect well. I would say concerns about them making the game more violent are overblown, as we saw some stick to head calls made that usually would not be called otherwise because the ref could hear actually hear the contact. I also think they look good, and generally the girls were very happy with the looks.

However, some girls did complain that it hurt their heads, gave them headaches, and that the integrated goggles were harder to see through than their normal goggles, or blocked their vision. I would say about half, or more, of the girls who purchased them, went back to their goggles by end of the season. I was hoping for a slight redesign, or another option prior to spring, but don't think that will happen.
(Posted on 10/9/2017)
Hurts your head Review by Laxgirl
So I play on a JV girls lacrosse team and our school recently invested in these helmets for the girls. At first I was excited to play with them I thought they were cute and looked nice. However after 10 to 15 min you get a horrible headache, and it wasn't just me it was the whole team. One size fits all is not a great concept because everyones head is different. Also our coaches told us we would break into them but the way we got our headaches was through the green padding that pressed very uncomfortably on your temples, the padding is made from a hard cheap memory foam like material which you cant break in for its spring back quality. The only good thing is that they are lightweight and have a ponytail hole. (Posted on 4/18/2017)
mandatory Review by pacers19
is the cascade LX going to be manadtory? (Posted on 10/24/2016)
customization Review by sweetlaxin
can you get a custom fir on the cascade LX? are they adjustable? (Posted on 10/24/2016)
LX Review by aceslecrosse4
the cascade lx headgear looks like the piece of equipment we've needed for a long time. its not as big and heavy of a boys helmet but still protects the money maker (Posted on 10/24/2016)
hair Review by monarchslacrosse66
the hole for the ponytail might be the best and most overlooked part of the cascade lx headgear. (Posted on 10/24/2016)
universal Review by ladyknights22
my family has always gone to universal lacrosse for our stuff, excited theyre going to be carrying the new cascade LX when it comes out (Posted on 10/24/2016)
comfort Review by viperslacrosse11
the cascade LX actually looks pretty comfortable on top of being protective. awesome! I cant wait to pick mine up (Posted on 10/24/2016)
for the ladies Review by tigerslacrosse16
I've worn a boys helmet before and its pretty uncomfortable, when I have my hair up it gets like scrunched in the helmet.. but the Cascade LX headgear was designed for women so they made it so that if you have your hair up, it can stick out instead of being scrunched up. (Posted on 10/24/2016)
not too tight Review by finslacrosse
idk i found that some goggles are sometimes too tight or they'd squeeze my face. the cascade lx looks more comfortable then regular goggles and less likely to slide down my face too haha (Posted on 10/24/2016)
confidence Review by newwavelax
I feel like the cascade LX is going to give me more conifdence, ill be less worried about getting hit in the head than I use to be now that Ill have protective headgear (Posted on 10/24/2016)
safe Review by ladymarauder
its a shame its taken this long TBH but better late than never right? accidents happem, the rules of the game naturally limit the contact to a player's head but marking my woman and not seeing a shot go off one might get hit in the head with a shot (its happened before) some protection is better than no protection (Posted on 10/24/2016)
player safety Review by spiderslacrosse1714
awesome to see cascade lacrosse is leading the way in players safety in women's lacrosse now too. getting hit in the head doesn't exactly feel good... (Posted on 10/24/2016)
cascade Review by ladylax6
the cascade LX looks like its just what we neeeded. apparently its a soft outter shell so its pretty light. but it can handle some pretty high impacts so incidental contact wont be as dangerous anymore! (Posted on 10/24/2016)
headgear Review by ladyvol1618
awesome to see Cascade is taking the initiative and being one of the first to make women's headgear that are compliant with the new rules. the LX headgear is designed completely different from a guys helmet too! (Posted on 10/24/2016)
head trauma Review by LadyRams17
the Cascade LX looks like it could be great. its not as bulky as a men's helmet and unless girls lacrosse is going to make the transition to more body contact a full helmet wouldn't be necessary. The Cascade LX headgear looks like it is actually pretty comfortable, and its really no much different from traditional goggles, just a soft shell on top right? (Posted on 10/24/2016)
needed Review by skyhawkslax27
IDC what its categorized as, helmet, goggles, headgear.. It's was needed and it has been a long time coming. I've been hit by sticks from incidental contact.. but incidental contact is still contact. stick to face, that hurts. player safety was overlooked and this is a great first step in the right direction (Posted on 10/24/2016)

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