Best Faceoff Heads of 2016

A lot of new product has been coming out designed for face-off players, whether its new heads with new technology or accessories that give FOGOs the edge when battling at the X. But with all this new stuff, narrowing down exactly what equipment you should get becomes way more difficult. People get overwhelmed with the options and the brand names and often lose track of what matters, quality. For example, when the Blade OG re-released, everybody wanted to get on the bandwagon and get it. Now granted at the time it was one of the better face-off heads, but there were others that could outperform it. Now, with new releases such as the Dictator, Duel, and the NOZ 2 mixed with the increasing popularity of the CEO narrows down what some of the best heads are. dictator-thumb_1 Lets start with the Dictator. This head has 2 versions, one for strength and one for finesse. the technology that went into the head is pretty remarkable. The Tapered Rail design mixed with Strategic Core-Tech creates the perfect pinch location for the ball on face-offs and enhances feel. As well as the decreased offset and longer bottom rails that allow for closer hand placement to the ball while facing off. duel-head-thumb_2 Another newer release is the STX Duel. This head is unique because it has a piece of plastic on the bottom of the head that inserts into the center of the shaft. This allows for the players hands to be closest to the ball at all times for maximum control without sacrificing throat strength. noz-thumb The NOZ 2 is a head that can be used for more than just facing off. This head is pretty offense oriented with the perks of face-off heads. The narrow throat and high sharp flare creates the perfect face shape, allowing for a nice pocket that wont hang the ball up while transitioning from the X thumb-v1_4 Lastly, the CEO is a head that can be used at any position. I played attack and I used it, I sell them to face-off guys all the time, and a long pole that I played HS lacrosse with used them too. They are extremely versatile and perform great. They also string up like a dream. Each head is good for different kinds of players. Having a stiff head and being a finesse FOGO will not mix too well. Get a head that matches your style of play for the best results.

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