Best New Gear Tech For 2015

As you may have noticed, Universal Lacrosse is giving our players what they want: a look at what gear is coming out next year. In light of our peak into the future, we are going to explain some of the most innovative and impressive new gear that will be be available soon. One of the new products that is breaking the mold in this upcoming year is the new Warrior EVO glove. This glove features new D30 Aero foam and Cage FLX backhand for low-profile protection. This backhand padding flexes open when your hand opens which allows the glove to have an unprecedented flexibility and feel. When the glove closes around a stick, it wraps back over the backhand and knuckle to seal up the protection. This innovative new feature may have the potential to change gloves forever. egs15-bk-5 egs15-bk-4

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