As The Dust Settles

As the dust settles with the mayhem and magic surrounding the Thompson bothers we took a close look at the I6 for Universal Lacrosse Stores this season.
Every stick has its pros and cons, so we will be straight up with you in reviewing this new head.
The Good:
This head was built for great stinging. The scoop is designed to stretch mesh in perfect dimensions and protect from premature wear of strings and leathers. 18 sidewall holes allows for experienced stringers to get creative with their design and placement. besides stringing, this head as a great stiff flex that increases durability and avoids warping. Besides the specs, The Iroquois Flag sidewall pattern adds some flavor to the head.
The Bad:
This head is a bit heavier than some of the newest heads that have come out but if you like the feel of a heavy ball in you stick that can actually be a good thing. The I6 only comes in one version. It is legal for all levels of play, but does not offer a HS legal version only.
A great product for a new company that can be placed as a top tier head going into next season. It is unique in that it carries a story and a period in time when a family of laxers captivated a nation and connected its roots all at once. Not many products in any sport can do that.
Universal Lacrosse has brought in this head for this season because AS ALWAYS, we want to get our customers what they are asking for.
To conclude, I give you this beauty, strung with ECM fade purple to white, legal shooters and a tasty high pocket.
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