Best LSM Lacrosse Heads of 2017

Top 5 Best LSM Heads

Finding the right LSM head that fits the unique style for a long stick middie is no short task. The Long stick middie or LSM looks for a head that fits a narrow niche between a defense and midfield head in terms of strength, flexibility, and face shape. LSM's are always dishing out powerful checks, scooping ground balls and running clears which requires a head that is durable and strong yet able to accommodate for light offensive play. For the best LSM heads we recommend the following options for ideal performance. #1- STX Stallion 700 STX Stallion LSM 2017 We can not talk enough about the Stallion 700 and its amazingly versatile profile, making it especially ideal for LSM. STX optimized the Stallion 700 to really hit the sweet spot for LSM by making it 25% stronger and 5% lighter than it's previous model. This head has everything a long stick midfielder could look for by making the Stallion 700 not only super light but extremely durable. LSM's are largely responsible for making those ground ball plays and creating the transition to offense. The Stallion 700's tight face shape is a great feature for increasing ball security during clears and riding out the checks. STX's new speed scoop design with the Stallion 700 makes picking up ground balls effortless for long poles. The reduced friction through the rounded Speed Scoop creates less drag and allows poles to run right through ground balls when scooping. LSM's will also love the reinforced design with STX's famous Stallion sidewall profile and improved C-Channel Technology. This combination helps distribute stress throughout the head and greatly improves the overall strength of the head. The Stallion 700 is a perfect choice for the long stick middie with an aggressive play style and is looking to play a little bit of offense every now and then. Shop-Now
#2- Under Armour Command Command U LSM 2017 The Under Armour Command is a true do it all head with arguably one of the most diverse performance portfolios possible. Offering a stiff and durable profile paired with an aggressive face shape, this head is an easy choice for an LSM. Made with all-weather nylon, the Under Armour Command is able to hold up in any temperature, hot or cold and holds it's face shape integrity without question. The Command is a ground ball machine with a rounded Glide Scoop that lets you scoop up GB's from any angle with ease, a feature LSMs absolutely love. Going back to the Command's amazing face shape and sidewall design allowing for easy catching and complete ball control. There are also a ton of stringing holes along this sidewall so lacing this bad boy up with a perfect mid-high pocket is a complete breeze. The Command is the perfect LSM head for the player who is always finding themselves in a ground ball battle or just has the ball in their stick often. Shop-Now
#3- Maverik Centrik Centrik LSM 2017 The Maverik Centrik the most versatile head in Maverik's line up. This head is truly able to play both sides of the field and is the product of tons of new technology through R&D. Maverik's new 3 strut design makes for a super rigid head which is perfect for the heavy slap checks. Aside from its stiff profile the Centrik also holds an amazing face shape for carrying the ball. When the Centrik is strung up it forms a nice mid-high pocket by default, with a comfortable amount of hold and whip which is perfect for handling the ball with a long pole. The big draw aside from the super stiff profile with the Centrik is its ability to operate as a completely offensive capable head. While clearing is always a top priority for the LSM, the Centrik offers them the ability to remain an aggressive offensive player. The Centrik is ideal for the elite LSM who likes to carry the ball down the field and sling an absolute bullet towards the goal from time to time. Shop-Now
#4- Nike Lakota U Lakota U LSM 2017 The Nike Lakota U is one of the more tested and truely popular LSM heads in recent years. players really love the nice wide scoop and upper face shape with the great durability of this head. Even though it is one of the lightest heads on the market, the Lakota U is a very durable option that remains stiff after all the abuse. While its designed for the offensive player, the Lakota's maximum pinch offers the best ball control and added hold a pole could ask for with a durable head. The Lakota U is a true favorite of the LSM who is always going after the ball and is that transitional player that pushes the ball to the offense. Shop-Now
#5- Epoch Prequel Epoch Prequel Head LSM 2017 Yes, the Epoch Prequel is a very very good option for LSM. The Prequel is made with some extremely durable plastic, like one year warranty durable, like industry best warranty. Epoch is the leader in new lacrosse technology and has been at the forefront of new materials research. The Prequel offers a next level durability that cannot be matched for it's weight class. Epoch injected this head with composite polymer which increases the strength of the head significantly. That mixed with the level 3 FlexiQ makes the Prequel a force to be reckoned with on either side of the field. There is a ton of technology and effort that goes into producing this head, which is why it is considered such a versatile and durable head. On top of all the technical aspects that make this head great, there are a ton of stringing holes and offers a great bottom rail for a mid high pocket ideal for LSM. In addition, Epoch used zone 3 mid-deep pocket technology for the deepest pocket allowed by NCAA Specs. Shop-Now

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