Top Attack Lacrosse Heads of 2017

The spring season is soon approaching, below is a quick look at some of the top attack-centered lacrosse heads currently available at Universal Lacrosse. 1 - The ECD Mirage has made our lists before, and understandably so... The Mirage was one of the hottest heads to drop in 2016! It was designed by stick stringers for stick stringers. The aggressive flare of the stick itself adds control of the pocket channel;meaning, you can pretty much string this up any way you want! The ultimate head for pocket customization. ECD reduced excess materials to make it one of the lightest heads out there which increases speed on the follow through on shots and passes. The Mirage is made from high impact grade and UV resistant polymer materials for maximum durability. Long story short, perfect for any lacrosse player. 2 - Modeled after the McClaren supercar, the STX Stallion 700 is STX's newest addition to their men's lacrosse heads. The Stallion 700 features several key additions: Speed scoop; aggressive scoop of the head for effortless groundballs, a revamped design of their iconic two-sidewall bracing system increases the stiffness by nearly 25% yet the weight was reduced by nearly 5%!! Finally, the c-channel tech helps distribute stress more evenly along the sidewalls to increase the Stallion's strength. The ultimate offensive weapon. 3 - Coming from a long line of fan favorites, the Warrior Evo 5 channels its roots to be one of the great options for any offensive minded player. Warrior implemented their SYMRAIL tech into the head which means the inside of the sidewall mimics the facade to reduce weight without sacrificing any structural integrity. The Evo 5 also has Warrior's loc throat which is a new fastening system to reduce head rattle on sticks. Finally, the tilt tech built into the stringing holes; angled holes designed to better secure sidewall strings. Warrior Lacrosse has been one of the greats for over a decade, with the revamped Evo 5, it's easy to see why! Warrior EVO 5 Lacrosse Head 4 - True Lacrosse just recently began to make their splash in the lacrosse world,The Frequency Speed goes a little old school, utilizing triangular sidewall rails and inverted cut outs to offer an outstanding strength to weight ratio. True also utilized a triangular strut design from the scoop to the throat for well balanced stress displacement. The mid bottom rail design of the Frequency Speed allows for a great mid pocket; ideal for quick releases and superior ball control, while including 21 stringing holes of all shapes and sizes for pocket customization. One of the newest, but hottest heads on the market. 5 - The Maverik Kinetik is the perfect weapon for the outside shooter. This head offers the ideal face shape for a super channeled pocket for that pin point accuracy. Paired with a great face shape is Maverik's new Channel Lock technology creating extra tension towards the scoop of the pocket allowing shooters to load more velocity behind their shots for increased shot speed. The Maverik Kinetik is definitely a great option for attack man out there looking to dial in their shot. Whether you are a new player or a grizzled vet, the lacrosse heads listed above are more than capable of satisfying your every need on the lacrosse field as an attackman. All options are currently available at your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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