All Lacrosse the World: Prato, Italy

The Prato Grizzles are a lacrosse program just outside of Florence, Italy that came into existence late 2013. For a short amount of time in a country where lacrosse has even less exposure than the US, The Grizzlies are thriving! Last Summer, Harvard University, Marquette University, and both the Dutch and English National teams all traveled to Italy to help grow the game in Italy and even played in exhibition games and ran free educational clinics for the coaches and players of Prato. Now, the organization is more than just lacrosse! They are using the power of sport to create change and to do more good in and around the surrounding communities. As a matter of fact, they even created the first "water lacrosse game" a mixture between water polo and lacrosse! Programs are also in place for college students thinking about studying abroad in Prato or Florence. I had the chance to speak with the program President Alessia Cambi at #Laxcon. Hearing about her story and how/why she started the Prato Grizzlies was nothing short of amazing and inspiring to say the least. It is good to see that the game is thriving in other countries because of people's passion; and hopefully it stays that way for a while! If you get the chance, check out their website (click here) or check them out on Instagram (@grizzlies.lacrosse) to learn more and grow the game!

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