Here to Stay: FireMesh

Firethreads made a name for themselves by being the first stringing manufacturer to incorporate silicone beads (GripPrint) on the materials themselves for improved hold. Their original shooter pack (which contains 4 shooter laces, 2 shooter cords, 4 sidewalls, and one bottom lace) was an instant hit and really gave the emerging company a boost in popularity. Since then they haven't looked back, as a matter of fact, they continue to change the game and innovate. FullSizeRender (4)That being said, the lacrosse community caught its first glimpse of Firethreads' new product a couple of weeks ago at the 2017 edition of LaxCon. Introducing Firemesh; the first performance mesh to incorporate the GripPrint technology directly on it. It is available in a semi-soft option in three different colors. Having a chance to actually throw with a stick strung up with Firemesh I can confidently say, this is NOT a cheap gimmick. This stuff is the real deal! First seeing the product I thought "oh man that's going to change the release so much!" ..... WRONG! Throws just as fine as any other mesh, so that's a big plus. But here's where the GripPrint on the Firemesh comes into play; it reduces ball spin when trying to catch, helps keep the ball in the sweet spot of the pocket, and it generates more hold with no additional whip! Firethreads continues to change the mesh game with their nonstop innovation. Firemesh is now available at your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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