StringKing Type 4 Semi-Soft & Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh

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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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StringKing Type 4 Semi-Soft and Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh delivers lightweight responsive performance to player’s pockets elevating shot speed, control and feel. Type 4 mesh is available in two distinct feels offered in both 4S Semi-Soft and 4X Semi-Hard delivering a perfect match for any players style. StringKing introduces new Tri-Twist technology with Type 4 Mesh by twisting three unique fibers into a single construction before weaving into mesh making it the most advanced mesh ever produced. This new advanced process increased texture and reduces weight producing added control and faster shot speed. Type 4 Mesh is woven with a slightly thinner construction throughout the center channel to help create a natural sweet spot and enhanced ball security. Weighing only 17 grams, Type 4 mesh is lighter, thinner and more responsive than any previous mesh from StringKing brining you unmatched performance.

- Available in two distinctive pocket feels to match any players preference:

- 4S provides a semi-soft pocket for players wanting a more responsive feel.

- 4X offers a Semi-Hard pocket option creating a firmer pocket with a smooth release.

- New Tri-Twist technology twists three unique fibers into a single construction before weaving into a mesh piece increasing pocket texture while reducing weight.

- Thinner center weave throughout the mesh offers naturally focused channel and sweet spot delivering more control.

- Type 4 mesh is lighter and thinner than any previous StringKing performance mesh weighing only 17 grams.

- Backed by StringKing's 6 month durability guarantee.

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