Women's Arm Protection

When you look at a picture of almost any Division 1 Women's Lacrosse team, you can see the bruises on their arms! Check out Maryland and Syracuse team pictures and you will see what I mean…and apparently so did STX. STX took notice to how much more aggressive the women's game has become over the past few years and has decided that having some extra protection may be a good idea. The STX Women's Bicep Sleeve is brand new for this year and is going to be very popular! It comes in two sizes: XS/S and M/L so it will fit a variety of female players. It is meant to do exactly what it sounds like: sit on the bicep of one or both arms and help protect against bruises that are caused from either getting checked, pushed or when you're charging towards the goal.
Crux Bicep Sleeve Super Sleek and Comfortable!
The new STX Bicep Sleeve is made of Geo-Flex technology which provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance materials. It is a very low-profile, breathable material that forms to the shape of the body. (It's also easy to wash when it starts to smell)
crux bicep sleeve Stay Protected!
I'm all for this helpful lightweight bicep sleeve because I think it will help some of the younger players become a bit more confident going hard towards the goal….just don't put helmets on them! The STX Women's Bicep Sleeve is available at all Universal Lacrosse retail stores and online at universallacrosse.com!

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