Warrior NOZ 2X Lacrosse Head

One of the best heads just got better! The guys over at Warrior have just about finished working on something special—the improvement of one of my all time favorite heads. We first heard about this a few weeks ago (click here to get updated) and now we have a little more for you to feast on: noz2xunwh_1_copy_copyThe new NOZ 2X is everything we loved about the OG NOZ and more! It retains the same great face shape and flex profile, so you won’t need any time to get used to it if you were an avid OG NOZ user. You’ll be even quicker at the face off x with this head, for the exclusive NOZ technology has drastically reduced the weight. In addition, the NOZ 2X is far easier to string with its increased sidewall hole amount to 17 (I know I had some difficulty stringing up the OG's sidewall). The NOZ 2X will continue to dominate off the draw just like its predecessor. Faceoff personnel like its tendency to kink near the lower sidewall rail, allowing the head to grab the ball well: hqdefaultWe all know that Thompson brothers, Miles and Lyle, have been fans of the OG NOZ. Could you imagine what they could have done with the new and improved NOZ 2X?! BS bs-sp-lyle-thompson-albany-p1thompson noz 2 Considering the greatness of the OG NOZ, and the improvements made by the NOZ 2X, this head will be a hot commodity. Unfortunately for us NOZ fans, this head is a limited edition product and is only available while supplies last. The official launch date is 6/18/15…LUCKILY, we are offering the pre-sale of the NOZ 2X right here right now, so you can beat the crowd!

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