uSTRING: The Ultimate Lacrosse Pocket Resource

ustring-logo Not too long ago, our buddies over at StringKing introduced uSTRING, the best lacrosse pocket resource currently available! Since the launch business has been a boomin'! The uSTRING platform offers support with a unique shopping experience, detailed profiles on common lacrosse pockets, and step-by-step tutorials on how to string consistent sticks like the pros! The uSTRING system is only compatible with StringKing mesh because the unique materials and overall engineering of the mesh. when other meshes are used, the pockets can sometimes be too shallow or channeled which causes inconsistency. We've taken the hard work out of the equation, and now you can purchase a professionally strung head with the best mesh from StringKing using uSTRING guidelines! Our stringers here at Universal have mastered the L1, M1, and H1 pockets (low, medium, high.. respectively) and are ready to string your stick for you today!

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