Universal Lacrosse: Custom Stringing

When you’re shopping for a new lacrosse head you find yourself faced with a sometimes difficult question; Do I want to get my head strung or try to do it myself? Now, I’m all for a player learning how to string their own stick. It’s a very important ability to have. Whether it’s game day adjustments or helping a teammate out, being able to string your own stick can be a life saver. A lot of players don’t know how to string even at the top D1 and professional levels and that’s ok, it’s what people like me and my fellow Universal Lacrosse laxers are here for. Stringing custom sticks is not only something we love, it’s our job. img_20140818_134930_976_1_2 Custom Stringing is something we at Universal Lacrosse pride ourselves in. We don’t just put the mesh in a head and call it a day. We take time to make sure that our customers get the right pocket that they need to perform their best on the field. This holds true in all of our retail stores as well as online. img_20140818_145335_816_3 Check out our game ready Custom Strung Favorite Section found on the univesallacrosse.com homepage to take a look at some of our favorite set ups. We also offer custom stringing in any head that you want. You can pick what type of mesh, pocket placement and shooter setup that will best work for you! If you order a custom strung head from universallacrosse.com your new stick will be game ready and on it’s way to your front door in less than 48 hrs. image_4_ Even though stringing your own stick is a very important asset to have, it’s people like us that are here for you if you don’t! By letting us string a stick for you, you are getting a beautiful GAME READY stick that will help you perform the very best possible! IT’S ALL U

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