Universal Customs @ $99

So we just launched Universal Customs @ $99 and we are pretty pumped about this line of complete sticks. These aren't your regular pre-packaged completes from the manufactures either, we mix and match these up our selves with products that we truly believe complement one another. We've always been huge fans of the complete stick deal, it makes sense to us on so many levels that we always try to do special deals on complete sticks. ULC-customs Anyways, whats so exciting about these complete sticks? They are straight up game ready. Every component of these complete sticks is at the performance level. These are top of the line heads and shafts that are already wildly popular in the lacrosse community. On top of that we string up these heads ourselves with top-notch custom stringers and products. Were talking about performance mesh you normally buy for $20 bucks on its own let alone already strung up, dialed in, and included for the $99. IMG_0417 The way these complete sticks will work is that we will pick a head, a shaft, a mesh piece, and a string up that we know performs amazingly. We will only make a certain number of that version and post them on our website. Once the current version sells out, we will design a new one to replace it. It's a pretty simple idea but we hope to get these Universal Customs into a bunch of player's hands this season. So if you or any of your teammates are in need of a new stick this season make sure to check out Universal Customs @ $99.

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