Under Armour All-American Games


In a showcase of some of the nation’s most talented scholastic lacrosse players, players are hand selected by Inside Lacrosse to play at the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse High School games. They are lucky enough to showcase their talent and prove why they belong to be there. Forty-four senior boys and girls were selected by knowledgeable figures while still being in good academic standing to represent the North and South. Both games were played this past weekend, July 2, at Johnny Unitas Stadium at Towson University.

For the men, a variety of twenty players scored in a close game with South coming in on top, 23-16. A total of 119 were divided between the two teams. For the ladies, the North had a balanced attack, defeating the South 13-11, from scoring from nine different players.

Some gear that was represented by the players included the top of the line equipment from STX, Under Armour, Brine, and Maverik, depending on the different players preference, while also sporting Under Armour headbands, uniforms, and cleats. For the girls, STX's Crux 500 and Exult 500 were a big scene on the field. For the guys, Maverik's Centrik and Optik and the Nike Lakota U were some of the favorites. These elite athletes at the high school level are using the top products out there to enhance their game. If you want to be as good as them, along with practice and lots of wall ball and training, some of these products may be your next go-to when trying to decide which stick you want next.

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