#UareEpoch Contest

With the Final Four quickly approaching this Memorial Day weekend, we are seeing a lot of fans show their team spirit. Whether you are going to the tournament yourself or enjoying it from the comfort of your own home there are always ways to show your support for your favorite team. epoch-lax Now you get the chance to be rewarded for you lax spirit with the #UareEpoch contest. Do anything you want to give some love to your favorite team. Whether is stringing up a stick in school colors, painting your face, getting together with a group of friends, or even just making a sign you can be entered in this awesome give-away. All you have to do is take a picture of you and your friends showing your love for your favorite team in any way and post it on Instagram. Make sure you tag it with the #UareEpoch for a chance to win. Now the question is, what can you win?
The lucky winners of this awesome contest will receive a LIMITED EDITION Zach Dorn signature Epoch Dragonfly shaft, an Epoch Hawk Lacrosse head and a brand new piece of Epoch Otter Mesh. If you aren’t excited about that than I just don’t know what will get you! The contest winners will be selected by a group of judges from Inside Lacrosse, Epoch Lacrosse, and yours truly, Universal Lacrosse! Play in games start to today and so does the contest! Good Luck! IT’S ALL U

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