Transition to College Spec Heads?

whtceo_ Nike CEO
From the Nike CEO to the Maverik Optik U, the hottest heads on the market seem to be following a trend—having universal specs. Our records confirm that college legal lax heads are much more popular. Even in high school and youth programs, you see more and more universal heads being used. Why is this? Well, we have a few ideas:
maverik-lacrosse-head-optik-white-3q_2_4 Maverik Optik U
Warping. Warping is a problem that nearly every lacrosse player faces within a season or two. When a narrow head warps, it not only becomes illegal, but also quite challenging to play with. Players with a college or universal head get a little more life out of their head before the warping reaches a point of no return. Even if it warps a little, the head is shaped so that it is still useable. This extended usability might explain the recent trend towards these types of heads.
rb2xun-wh-3_1_3 copy Warrior Rabil 2X
Another factor that contributes to this trend is the idolization of college standout players by the youth. When I was a kid watching guys like Paul Rabil in college, I wanted to be just like him—wearing the same cleats, putting on the same padding, and using the same stick. Now a days it is so easy to find out the head and shaft combo of famous college players like the Thompsons, Wes Burg, or Joey Sankey. And once younger players get their hand on this info, they will more than likely try and construct a similar stick for themselves. With the growth of using universal spec heads, we speculate some more rule changes for high school players. They are already in the direction of making the HS game similar to the college game with timers and the new shooting string regulations…what do U think? #staytUned IT’S ALL U

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