Top Face-off Heads for 2019

In 2019 the term fogo has taken on a whole new meaning. Face-off guys are now expected to do more than just win the clamp. A good face-off specialists is what separates the good teams from the great teams. When the game is on the line, it's the face-off guys who often decide which team wins and which team loses. Much of the job is mental. Having the confidence to beat their opponent every time they take the field is half the battle. With these face-off heads, players can always feel confident knowing that they will never be at a disadvantage with their equipment. Here our are top 5 face-off heads for 2019.

Top 5 Face-off heads for 2019

#1 - ECD Weapon X

The number one spot on the list is the ECD Weapon X Lacrosse Head. This head was designed with help from world class face-off specialist Greg "Beast" Gurenlian. The ECD Weapon X is made with FlexForm material that stays flexible but also retains the shape of the head. The shortened throat also makes it easy to get good power when players are fighting for the clamp. The Weapon X has one of the best scoops on a face-off head which makes it a ground ball vacuum. The ECD Weapon X Lacrosse Head is great for players who like to draw it to themselves and lead fast breaks.

ECD Weapon X Lacrosse Head

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#2 - Warrior Burn FO

The Warrior Burn FO Lacrosse head is a close second on our list. Trevor Baptiste, the best fogo in the game right now, helped build this head. The Warrior Burn FO head was designed asymmetrically so that one side of the head is more flexible than the other. This allows for better ball security. The other side of the head is made stronger to give face off specialists added strength when driving people off the ball. The Warrior Burn FO also has a shorter throat to give players that added leverage. If you are the type of fogo that uses lots of different face-off techniques, this is a great option because it accommodates all of the popular moves. The Warrior Burn FO Lacrosse head also comes with a wedge that helps to retain its original shape.

Warrior Burn FO Lacrosse Head

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#3 - Nike CEO 2.0

The Nike CEO 2.0 Lacrosse head is the best for the true 'do it all' midfielder. The Nike CEO 2 is an updated version of one of the most trusted heads ever. This head is great for anyone who does more than take face-offs because it's versatile enough to be an offense head. The CEO 2 has the classic flex points of a regular face-off head, an amazing scoop, and a shortened throat. What separates the CEO 2 head is that it has an offset that works well with a mid high pocket. This feature allows you to shoot with serious power. For players who face off and stay on, look no further than the CEO 2.

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#4 - STX Duel II

The STX Duel II Lacrosse head is another great option for anyone who wants the most leverage possible. The throat is extremely short which really helps players get their hand closer to the plastic. The Duel II head has great flex points for players who like to pinch and pop. The best part of the Duel II is that it has STX’s speed scoop technology which reduces drag and allows for quick ground balls. The speed scoop protects the top strings from ripping which is important for guys who take all the face-offs. The STX Duel II Lacrosse head is one of the absolute best face-off heads on the market, primarily because of the speed scoop technology.

STX Duel II Lacrosse Head

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#5 - Under Armour Command X

The Under Armour Command X lacrosse head isn't your traditional face-off head. The Command X is extremely innovative with its asymmetrical side walls. The top side is thicker, which helps for those power moves while the bottom side is thinner and more flexible for more finesse based moves. Both sidewalls are angled a certain way so that the ball is really locked in there once you win the clamp. The Command X also has a shortened throat just like the other heads on this list. The Command X head has a scoop that is very rounded, more so than most face-off heads. The Under Armour Command X is the best option for guys who want something unique but effective.

Under Armour Command X Lacrosse Head

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