Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads for 2017

With the 2017 spring season soon approaching, let's take a look at a few of the top defensive oriented lacrosse heads currently on the market!
  1. STX's newest defensive gem is the Hammer 500 lacrosse head; a direct descendant of the widely popular original Hammer. Using the iconic original design, several key improvements have been made to meet today's standards of play. Strikeplates were strategically placed into the top shoulders of the head to land cleaner checks. The three-strut sidewall has been revamped for more stiffness and durability and combined with STX's C-channel tech in order to help disperse stress upon impact. Finally, the aggressive speed scoop of the head reduces drag when going for GBs making them effortless. The STX Hammer 500 is ideal for any defensemen, but especially for higher levels of play.
  2. The Maverik Tank includes everything an elite dpole could possibly want! Maverik's level 5 bottom rail makes this head an aggressive GB machine while also providing a prime high pocket for quick releases. The true form technology in this head helps maintain the Tank's structural integrity and maintains its shape no matter how much punishment it dishes out. Unlike most defensive heads, the Tank actually has a good number of stringing holes along the sidewall for pocket customization. The addition of the new 4-strut design of the sidewall provides maximum stiffness for laying the lumber.
  3. Epoch has been known for their shafts more so than their heads, but things need to change! Que the Hawk Prequel; it was designed to be both, beauty and beast. The matte finish of the head and the embossed Epoch "E" give it its superior look; while the Zone 3 pocket and improved profile of the head allows the perfect mid-pocket for secure ball control and a quick release in a deep pocket. Made with a proprietary blend of materials, the Hawk Prequel is super tough yet has the perfect amount of flex at the same time! The Epoch Hawk Prequel is a fantastic defensive head for the intermediate and elite player!
  4. True Lacrosse just recently began to make their splash in the lacrosse world, coming into fruition in 2014. The Frequency Defense goes a little old school, utilizing triangular sidewall rails and inverted cut outs to offer an outstanding strength to weight ratio. True also utilized a triangular strut design from the scoop to the throat for well balanced stress displacement. The high bottom rail design of the Frequency Defense allows for a great high pocket for maximum hold, while including 21 stringing holes of all shapes and sizes for pocket customization. One of the newest, but hottest heads on the market.true-frequency-D
  5. Ideal for the team lumberjack, the Warrior Regulator MAX is truly a defensive head. Warrior strategically reinforced key areas of the head to dramatically increase the heads durability, so you can lay the lumber without putting any thought into whether or not the stick would break. Warrior also introduced their tilt-tech into the head; angled stringing holes designed to better secure sidewall strings, leading to better pocket consistency. Their SYMRAIL concept is a symmetrical sidewall design intended to increase stiffness by having the inside of he sidewall mimic the outside, The Regulator MAX also offers Warrior's loc-throat, their new head fastening system which provides a more secured fit to the shaft, eliminating head rattle.
Whether you are a new player or a grizzled vet, the lacrosse heads listed above are more than capable of satisfying your every need on the lacrosse field as a defensemen or long stick middie. All options are available at your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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