Thou Shall Play Lacrosse - The 50 Lacrosse Commandments

Print this out and post them in your locker room
1. Thou shalt never hit the goalie in the chest when shooting. 2. Bounce shots are best. 3. Listen and talk to your stick; this will insure good stick protection. 4. A goal proves that you can beat the goalie; an assist proves that you are smart. 5. Always look to make the extra pass. 6. Thou shalt never pass the ball close enough to the goalie or the cage such that the goalie intercepts your pass. 7. Thou must have the ability to catch and throw with both hands. 8. Thou must move whenever you do not have the ball; in other words, keep your defenseman thinking and occupied; remember the words of wisdom from the cavemen: He who stands still, is lunch! 9. Never "telegraph" a pass. 10. Thou must practice "on the wall" in order to be good. 11. Thou shalt always move towards a passed ball; never stand still. 12. The best players pick up ground balls. 13. "Vee in and Vee out" in order to be open for a pass. 14. Never get caught offsides. 15. Poke check and slap check on the hands and gloves of your opponents. 16. Always congratulate your teammates; you are nothing without them. 17. Thou shalt always keep your head up; don't look at the ball inside your stick. 18. Always stay in front of your fellow midfields on a fast break. They will not be able to pass to you if you are behind them. 19. If the goalie comes out of the cage, turn him to his weak hand by shutting off his strong hand side. 20. Never, never, never hang your stick. 21. Always be alert of your man and the ball's position on defense. 22. Play the Ball-You-Man triangle. 23. Always be ready to slide to a teammate to help him on defense. 24. You have a stick, use it: poke, slap, push. 25. Use your stick not as a caveman's club or ax, but as a surgeon's scalpel. 26. Don't lunge at the offensive player, be balanced, poke, wait for his move. 27. Do not allow the offensive player to crowd or push you. If he is too close, push him out. 28. Remember this: thou shall be intimidating on defense. 29. If your man beats you and there has been a slide, go to the hole and pick up a player. 30. Always talk and communicate. The best players are talkers. 31. Choke up on your long stick if you have difficulty handling it. 32. After picking up a ground ball, put it to your face, and run to an open area. 33. Defensemen, stay tight on the fast break. 34. Every time the ball moves, you must move. 35. Stay intense by anticipating what the team will do next. 36. If you double team, do so with authority; ask yourself, do I want to be a hammer or a nail? 37. Great defensemen, like great offensive players, see the entire field: keep your head up when you're clearing the ball. Impress fans with your smarts. 38. Keep players out of the funnel. 39. Be economic with your checks. 40. Great defensemen do not take the ball away, they prevent their opponent from scoring. Simple! 41. Love the game and play and practice with passion. Ask your coach for magazines, books, and tips. Be a student of the game. 42. A great man once said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." In other words, give everything your all. 43. The saying "Practice makes perfect" is incorrect. "Perfect practice makes perfect!" 44. When in a game, never dispute a call or argue with an official for any reason. 45. Always know the score of the game. 46. Always congratulate your teammate. As well, encourage and uplift your teammates who are not playing well. 47. When coached or told to do something in a practice, ask yourself why? You may then come to a better understanding of the game. 48. Always have your equipment ready prior to a game. 49. Accept the responsibilities of being an athlete: work hard in school, represent your family, community, and team with pride and honor. 50. Practice, practice, practice, then practice some more.

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