The Second Duel

Looking for a distinct advantage at the face off X? Well look no further; the STX Duel II is here to save the day! Based off their ultra-popular Duel U, The STX Duel 2 was designed for the face off specialist. The first noticeable difference can be found in the stringing holes. The Duel 2 has more holes which allow more independence for your stringing preferences. The holes were also reshaped to be more circular which provides extra tension when stringing the stick. STX also introduced their player-preferred flex for the clamp and their new face off specific speed scoop deign in the Duel II for more efficient ground ball pickup. The Duel's most distinct feature is their insertable throat piece which was ergonomically designed with 3 screw holes to allow closer hand placement to the ball during face offs, creating more control, leverage, and stability when locked up in battle at the X. The Duel II boasts a redesigned throat piece; STX has extended the insertable inner piece while simultaneously shortening the external throat of the head for even more leverage without sacrificing the durability of the head and adding a 4th screw hole for even more stability. Duel II has been officially released, and is now available on or in any of our 12 retail locations!

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