The newest from Cascade - The S Helmet

With Syracuse, Albany, and Maryland leaking photos of their new lids for the NCAA Tournament, we here, at Universal Lacrosse, are pleased and excited to share with you the newest helmet, the Cascade S. The S helmet is the first helmet produced by Cascade since July 1st, 2013, when the R was released. The features on the new S helmet will bring your game to the next level. On the comfort side, the S offers new XFlo Ventilation technology that allows for greater air flow and comfort. The S also offers three different types of padding inside the helmet to maximize comfort and protection. The new Tri-Liner system includes Gen4 EPP foam, NV3 Foam, and Seven Technology foam. Gen4 EPP foam is engineered to manage force impact in the front of the helmet. NV3 foam in the top of the helmet provides maximum protection to the crown of the head while maintaining shape and comfort under impact. The seven technology foam in the back of the helmet compresses on impact to displace energy within seconds to protect the player and maintain shape. The S also comes with a one piece, Supermono shell. This one-piece shell and visor design keeps the helmet rigid and in place while shifting the center of gravity to the middle crown, keeping the helmet balanced and aligned. The S series dual-material jaw also helps to provide stiffness and safety. A new and exciting feature of the S helmet is the vision bar. Unlike the standard eye level bar on the R helmet which is thick and bulky, the new vision bar, which comes standard on all S helmets, has been flattened to allow for a greater field of vision, so you will never lose sight of the ball. The S helmet comes in all the same colors as the R, with the additional Metallic Gold shell finish, and can be customized for team orders or individual purchase. Proudly made in the USA and with a one year warranty, the new S helmet by Cascade drops on July 16th, 2017 for individual and bulk orders. Passion to Protect. Cascade. Albany S Syracuse S Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.49.17 AM

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