The New STX Exult 500 Lacrosse Stick

STX just recently teased the new STX Exult 500 women’s lacrosse head on their Instagram in a multi-picture post shown below. This was a very cool way to watch the product built in multiple posts.
#stxexult500release #stxexult500release
The new Exult 500 adds several improvements from its younger sister. First, the Exult 500 has the maximum overall pinch that helps you maintain possession of the ball once it is in your stick. US lacrosse has rules that govern the dimensions of a lacrosse head and STX made sure that this stick provided the most advantage that a pinch can allow. The new String Lock technology on this head gives you the ability to set in and lock your pocket depth better. This not only helps you maintain your best performance but also reduces the chances of an illegal stick penalty, which we all know can be a game changer! In most sticks the weather and climate will change the pocket depth. StringLock minimizes the change in your pocket once you get it throwing the way you like. Play with Versatility The Exult 500 features a lot more that you’ve come to expect from most of its competitors. It has the patented Elastomer Overmold to increase control of the ball. The 10° technology pushes the ball towards the spot in the pocket that best releases giving you a quick release and the feel to know when you’re ready to shoot or throw. Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12.02.22 PM STX clearly put a ton of thought, research, and technology into this new Exult 500 women’s lacrosse head. The #STXExult500Release date of 10/19 will let you utilize this next generation product that will undoubtedly take your game to the next level.

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