The All New Freeze 2 From New Balance Just Arrived

The Freeze Gets An Update

The Freeze 2.0 delivers incredible traction on the field thanks to New Balance's QuikRail stud design. QuikRail was designed to provide maximum traction at every angle of movement lacrosse players are playing at. Whether it be quick lateral cuts or back pedaling or sprints up field, QuikRail has your foot perfectly planted. Along with QuikRail, the Freeze 2.0 uses a distinct stud pattern. The Freeze 2.0 will perform on turf and natural grass at the same level. Along with Traction, the Freeze 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats have ultimate comfort. The Freeze 2.0 uses a bootie construction for the tongue to provide the best fit and comfort. The Freeze 2.0 also have an elastic band stretching across the heel of the cleat which helps to lock your foot in place. Inside each cleat is a New Balance Fresh Foam insole allowing your feet to never get tired. The Freeze 2.0's also use an extremely soft and cushion like material on the inside of the cleat providing a crazy amount of comfort when on your feet. The New Balance Freeze 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats will be available on soon. Stay posted on our website for the latest releases.

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