STX's New Strategy

stx08stickerm-mainSTX continues to revolutionize lacrosse without much recognition. No they didn't make a new stick from a space meteor (although that would be pretty cool come to think of it...) No, they didn't just find the next Paul Rabil.... What they did was make lacrosse a little more affordable. There is no doubt that one of lacrosse's biggest downfalls is the price to play. I personally think it is top 3 most expensive sports to play unfortunately, Sticks alone are at a bare minimum $100 for something serviceable at the high school level. Some sticks can even cost upwards up $250. Not to mention protective equipment... And don't even get me started on a back up stick! The Super Power + has been one of the hottest lacrosse heads on the market for nearly a decade now! And it's easy to see why. it was the first head to incorporate both, All Climate Performance (ACP) and C-Channel technologies. the ACP helps the head keep its shape and structural integrity while the C-channel helps reduce weight. The Super Power + goes for $100 unstrung. So what STX did was they introduced the STX Super Power Plus Two Pack with Memory Mesh; a bundled deal of two lacrosse heads into one package and threw in a piece of awesome memory mesh for good measure. Now instead of paying $200 for 2 unstrung heads; you can now pay $150 for 2 unstrung heads and free piece of performance mesh. STX Super Power Plus Two Pack w Memory MeshGetting 2 of quite arguably one of the best heads on the market today for a reduced price is a steal! The free memory mesh is just the cherry on top! We all know stuff happens on the field so having a back up stick is somewhat a necessity for anyone trying to play at the elite level. Bundling two Super Power +'s was a genius business move for STX. it benefits the company but more importantly, it benefits the consumer and the game itself. If companies can find ways to make the game a little more affordable, I personally believe the sport will skyrocket in participation across the board. You can find this awesome 2-pack deal from STX at your nearest Universal Lacrosse location or shop online here at

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