STX's new Stallion 500 Protective Line up

New Year, new products for STX. STX just came out with their new Stallion 500 protective line! Like many of their products, STX is engineered to produce nothing but the best. Their new line includes Elbow Pads, Arm Pads, Arm Guards and Shoulder Pads. All of which are made with the STX patented High Def Polymer that allows the pads to be made with half the weight then ordinary padding, but still provides the same protection and also doesn't soak up sweat or rain. The High Def Polymer keeps you cool, light and dry while having the same protection as any other pads. STX The STX Stallion 500 Elbow Pad is made for defensemen who are more worried about checking their opponent then they are getting checked. Its minimalistic and lightweight design is made for maximum mobility so you can move freely and comfortably. The neoprene sleeve provides extra comfort as well. A very simple pad for a very experienced player. STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Elbow Pad STX is also bringing in a new design that could change the way elbow pads are made for the future. The STX Stallion Arm Pad is made with a 360+ strap that locks the pad into place with a customized fit system. The strap goes all the way around the pad to prevent the pad from slipping. An updated sleeve offers unparalleled comfort and stability. This pad is made for midfielders who want some protection but like having a lot of mobility. STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Pad We can't forget about the attackmen, so the STX Stallion 500 Arm Guard was made for you. With the same concept as the Arm Pad, the Arm Guard has everything the Arm Pad has to offer but is just a little bigger for more protection and also has HexPro technology added to it. HexPro allows for the guard to offer a little more protection without adding much more weight at all. STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Guards Last, but certainly not least is the STX Stallion 500 Shoulder Pad. Made with the same High Def polymer to allow maximum protection with minimal weight. The shoulder pad has strategically placed stretch zones so the pad can move with the player in any dynamic play without losing comfort. Made with high-strength, click and fit buckle system for consistent fit and comfort, this shoulder pad is made for any positional player. STX Stallion 500 Shoulder Pads No matter what position you are STX will help bring your game to the next level. Their protection line is made to keep you cool, light and dry while still offering as much protection as any other padding out there. New year, new products, same STX coming in clutch.

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