STX: Protection by Stallion

Image result for stx stallion 500 pads STX announced the release of their new Stallion 500 line of protective equipment. The entire line is comprised of gloves, shoulder pads, and three variations of arm protection (arm guard, arm pad, and elbow pad). Gloves: The STX Stallion 500 gloves are sick! jam packed with new tech and for ultimate comfort and protection. They utilize their new AirCooled ventilation system on the entire glove! glove. HexPro Protection combined with IsoThumb adds an extra level of protection to the player's thumb while providing optimal flexibility and mobility. Another addition is the GuardLock strap to secure your mouthpiece while you aren't wearing it. Shoulder: The Stallion 500 shoulder pads also include the HexPro tech for maximum protection. They also have a high-strength "click-and-fit" buckle system for a secured and comfortable fit! The high-def polymer used to construct these pads is super light and won't get waterlogged in the rain!!! Arm: The Stallion 500 arm protection comes in three different variations; the largest being arm guard, a slightly smaller arm pad, and then the smallest option, the elbow pad. All incorporate the combination of the HexPro tech and the high-def polymer material for reduced weight and increased protection. However, the arm guard and arm pad are the only two which incorporate STX's patent pending 360+ strap; an adjustable strap that wraps around the entire pad for the best fit possible. One of the best, STX Lacrosse, continues to pave the way for the lacrosse goods industry! The Stallion 500 line of protective equipment seems legit! The entire line will soon be available at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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