StringKing's NEW Metal2 Lacrosse Shaft

metal2 It is official... The teaser videos StringKing has put out the last couple of weeks have been for their new line of lacrosse shafts. The Metal2; this lacrosse shaft comes comes in all sizes, attack, defense, and goalie; and the whole concept behind the Metal 2 is that everyone has their own preference. So they made sticks that come in various weights because each player prefers their own feel. The attack size shafts come in 5 different weights, the dpoles come in 3, and goalie shafts have 2 options. As a player I can remember breaking sticks and (unfortunately) not having a backup and having to use a teammate's stick. Sometimes I'd say it was really light or pretty heavy, and whoever owns the stick usually replies with something along the lines of "that's how I like it." BOLD MOVE HERE. I'm now going to equate lacrosse shafts to nursery rhymes. This sounds a like like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.. Metaphorically, we the players (goldie locks) are just looking for our perfect porridge (lacrosse shaft). StringKing continues to innovate and their newest line of lacrosse shafts look nothing short of amazing. The new Metal 2 will be available in the near future at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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