Spring Lacrosse Vs. Summer Lacrosse Vs. Fall/Winter Lacrosse

Most players understand the difference in the competition during the different season of play. For those readers who are new, I will briefly describe some of the differences between summer lacrosse, spring lacrosse, and fall or winter lacrosse. duke_notredame_mlax_21613 Spring Lacrosse This is the time of year when serious player refer to themselves as in-season. Youth players normally play representing their town, and older players play for their high school and college teams. The best part of spring lacrosse is the ability to play for serious and rewarding goal. Normally teams, players and coaches are most committed at this time of year and making progress provides fulfillment and reward. With this commitment comes the expectation of working as hard as you can. One of the worst things about spring lacrosse is the weather. Growing up in the northeast, starting spring lax in February and March was never fun. The bitter cold can ruin all the fun of playing. Also, spring lacrosse was tough when you are playing for a struggling team. Players will turn on each other and the team, blame will normally always be assigned, coaches tend to punish the team, and the fun it taken out of the sport. Regardless, spring is prime time for serious lacrosse players. Many of these qualities are unique only to spring lacrosse. Summer Lacrosse Summer lacrosse is different from spring in many ways. Most of the time it is the more serious players who continue into the summer to play for select teams and recruiting camps and showcases. It is the best time of year to try to get noticed and recruited by college coaches. High School players often have a chance to communicate with and coordinate a game to meet a coach at. The recruiting factor of summer lacrosse individualizes the season. It becomes mostly about making personal performance gains and getting noticed by coaches. Winning and losing games and championships is not as important this time of year. There is a huge dispersion of competition in the season as many players play with different age groups and teams. The heat is always a factor during summer lacrosse. Hydration and rest is more important in this season than any other. Fall/Winter Lacrosse The Fall and Winter lacrosse were always the true off season for most players. A nice thing about this time of year is most leagues are played indoors where weather cannot have an effect. Most teams were comprised of players from different towns and spring teams. Playing in these leagues was always pickup style. Players did it to stay in shape and work on weak areas of their game. It is a time of year to just enjoy the game casually and have fun. Personally, I found myself playing in a box league in the winters, which I really enjoyed. These are just some of the differences and similarities between the different lacrosse seasons. What is your favorite season? Have any other comments about the best and worst time of year? Feel free to write below.

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