Sneak Peak: Brine Dictator

More pics of the unreleased Brine Dictator have arrived! For those of you who follow ECD or East Coast Dyes on snapchat then you were lucky enough to get the early access to some shots of the Brine Dictator strung up with some ECD magic. IMG_4456 The snapchats gave you some good shots of the over all profile of the Brine Dictator. As has been rumored the Dictator head was designed as a face off head. The sidewall struts are visually similar to other popular face off heads on the market such as the CEO and Duel with support focused towards the throat of the head. This design helps to keep the head from warping after a long game of tough face offs. IMG_4457 From a side angle you can see that Brine included plenty of sidewall holes to offer you a limitless amount of stringing options. ECD Greg takes full advantage of this and works some stringing magic with some Hero Mesh and Hero Strings for the seemly flawless low mid pocket. Although we didn't get a full face shape the pocket would suggest a face shape designed to maximize a channel for accurate passing on the run after a win at the X. IMG_4458Overall, it was a good glimpse at what the Brine Dictator will have to offer fogos. We hope to get a more in depth details of the Dictator in the up coming months as a release date has not been announced yet. This will definitely be one to keep and eye out for!

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