Shuffling the Major League Lacrosse Deck.

player-movementWith tomorrow's deadline soon approaching, those who have filed for free agency under the Player Movement policy have one day left before final 23-man rosters are due for all nine Major League Lacrosse teams. This means, if a player who expressed his right to test the market has about 24 hours left for a new team to claim his contract if they want. Otherwise, the player's original team has the option to place him on the protected roster. Reader beware.. Free Agency in the MLL isn't actually "free". If a team wants to add a player to their team, most player has a "price tag" of some sort, that compensation generally comes in the form of a draft pick in that season's upcoming draft. There are plenty of big time names highlighting this years pool of players who expressed interest in a fresh start with a new organization. Here's a quick overview of major players who who filed for movement:
  • Ohio: John Grant Jr.
  • New York: Kyle Hartzell
  • Denver: Adam Fullerton
  • Charlotte: Ryan Flanagan (coming off ACL injury)
  • Boston: Brent Adams
  • Rochester: Who didn't file for movement is a better question.
  • Chesapeake: Joe Walters
  • Atlanta: non eligible
  • Florida: Jeff Reynold
Again, If the players are not picked up a new team, their prior team can express their option to place them on the protected roster before tomorrow's deadline. It should be noted that the winners of the short off season IMO are the 2016 runner ups, Ohio Machine. So far having 7 big time re-signings instead of filing for player movement. watch out Denver, the machine look to be running on all cylinders going into the season and are looking for redemption!

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