Shoulder Pad Liners

We’ve all seen the players that rock the old beat up shoulder pads that have been cut down to barely anything. Since shoulder pads have the longest life span of any lacrosse pad, a lot of guys use the same old pair for years on end. Cutting the caps off of shoulder pads does give you more mobility but isn’t always the legal thing to do. Manufacturers have seen this trend develop as well and have been making what are called shoulder pad liners for a couple of years.
STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Liner: More mobility STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Liner: More mobility
These shoulder pad liners, like one of my personal favorites the STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Liner, offer more mobility but still retain great protection on the chest and back. There is padding on the shoulders themselves but not to the extent of a pad like the Warrior Burn Hitman 15 Shoulder Pad.
Burn Hitman 15: More protection, less mobility Burn Hitman 15: More protection, less mobility
I’ve noticed that as a player gets older they tend to like a little less padding on their shoulders giving them more mobility, but instead of getting a new pair of liners they decide to cut of the shoulder caps of their old pairs. This is something that I just can’t recommend doing. While doing so does give you more freedom to move it also voids the manufacturers warranty of the pad, while also being illegal to do. Liners are designed for the players that like some padding but are more concerned with the movements. Cutting down your pads may be easier but in the long run upgrading is definitely the smart way to go. IT'S ALL U

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