Rain vs. Mesh

Can You Beat the Storm? East Coast Dyes May Have Your Answer!

Mother Nature can be a cruel, mischievous lady. One minute you’re enjoying perfect lacrosse sunshine then BOOM, torrential rain to ruin your game. Nothing is worse than having to play a big game in bad weather. Your gear gets soaked and smelly, and worst of all your stick turns into a gigantic bag. We have a few good stick maintenance tricks that will help you keep your stick in order. From my experience in high school, college, and after, one of the easiest ways to take care of your gear is to stuff everything with paper towels or newspaper. It’s a pain to do when you are on the way home and your soaking wet but its worth it. Just throw it in there and let everything sit over night. Make sure its OUT OF YOUR GEAR BAG. The biggest mistake you can make with your wet stuff is to leave it in a closed bag for an extended period of time. If you do that you not only lock in the wet, but the funky smell as well. Other ways to fight the weather is to use lax products that are made to resist the rain. East Coast Dyes Mesh is one of the best in water resistant mesh on the market now. It not only has a quick break in time, but it’s wax coating keeps the water from absorbing into the mesh making it sag and bag. When your pocket increases in depth it will throw differently and that can change your shot accurate. myzA4lYBiLSimgb4hirSAvg ECD has also released a product called Pocket Polish that allows you to add the same wax they provide on their mesh to ANY kind of pocket. It doesn’t matter what kind of custom stringing you using, whether it’s already East Coast or any other kind of mesh, the Pocket Polish works for everything. It can also replace any of the waxy coating that may have worn off over time on your ECM. ecd_pocket_polish_main Whether you use any of the waterproof products out there or don’t its up to you to keep your gear in line. Trust me blaming the weather on a sub-par performance is one of the last things your coach is going to want to hear. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, we still LAX!

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