R Helmet certification images

INSIDE LACROSSE has released a video with a brand manager from cascade explaining the R helmet recertification. This video gives us insight to exactly what the modification looks like . The patented technology called PORON-xrd was inserted into the mohawk area of the helmet as well as the crown. This padding addition almost doubles the amount of this impact resistant material in each helmet. Cascade is describing this issue as a "certification issue" and not a safety issue and worked closely with NOCSAE to provide this fix in a cost effective and timely manner. If you would like to see exactly what this fix looks like feel free to take a look at this preliminary video explanation. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/video-cascade-lacrosse-shows-solution-for-r-helmet-re-certification/30299 Are you wondering "what the R helmet fix looks like" The picture below shows a few things: 1. The location of the additional padding that will be put in your helmet when you register at cascade lacrosse.com 2. The internal NOCSAE re-certification sticker proof 3. The external NOCSAE revivification sticker proof (for officials to note on the field) Photo cred: ILGEAR.COM
IL NOCSAE certification images IL NOCSAE certification images
Are you wondering "what is poronxrd"? See this cool video of Bauer explaining how PORONxrd in their hockey helmet. This is the same material in the R helmet. https://

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