NOZ 2 @ the U

We are pumped about this one! The Warrior NOZ2X aka NOZ II aka NOZ2X is OTW! Some info was leaked about this so we decided to chime in on some @warriorlax #NOZ2 info. The NOZ was one of those heads that came out and everyone was like "What do you mean there is 'NOZ' IN THE HEAD?!? Warrior came out with a head and injected it with NOZ gas on the inside. This was the first head ever to have 'air' in it. If I was a betting man I would have thought NIKE would have done that but Warrior was the first to the table. Hollow sidewalls, is this a good thing? The NOZ was able to maintain enough strength and stiffness to gather a following among some of the top offensive players around. When this head first came out offensive players all over the field were using it and it also became popular at the faceoff X. Just as we saw this head start to blow up Warrior did the UNTHINKABLE... They discontinued it. No reasons out there, no explanations, they just stopped making it. It would be like if the writers of the BIG BANG THEORY woke up one day and were like "now that we have tens of millions of viewers, lets just do something else." I remember the day I called over and we needed a few more and they were like "nope sorry" Either way, we are ready to let bygones be bygones now that they have announced the NOZ II. This head is still a huge secret but a picture of it has leaked on Instagram by a few different sources. The pictures states that it has: * 17 individual sidewall holes * Same great face shape and flex profile with NOZ weight reducing tech. We just heard that Pre-ORDERS @ universal are a GO and we can ship these heads out to you on the 6/19. If you are pumped about this release I would get it while its HOT.
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