Nike Huarache 5 Water Pack

The Thompson brothers put themselves into the lacrosse spotlight with their absurd skill and extremely unique and flashy style of play. Their signing with Nike, the #1 sports brand in the world, will soon make them a household name.
Jeremy Thompson banner at NIKE Jeremy Thompson banner at NIKE HQ
We caught wind of a banner ceremony that is held on campus at NIKE. This is a very exclusive group and selection process and most recently both the sport of lacrosse and the Jeremy Thompson banner was hoisted into the spotlight among our worlds best athletes. A Nike deal with four of the best players in the world obviously means their own line of gear. November 7th was the official release for the Nike Huarache Water Pack launch. When we got our hands on these SICK CLEATS we were absolutely blown away by the details. Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.50.38 AM When talking about the meaning behind “Water Pack”, Jeremy Thompson was quoted saying “I learned from the water that there is strength in overcoming your obstacles. Everything is not always perfect, but if you’re like the water, you will find a way.” This insight to a deep routed symbol of the Thompson brothers culture and way of life brings a new sense of value to any product we have seen. Thanks to NIKE for making this happen.
Along with the Huarache 5 Water Pack Cleat there is also a Turf Version as well as a matching tee shirt. All three of these products are amazing and we can't get enough of them! ThompsonTshirt The Thompson brothers are young legends and now you have a chance to rep this beautiful line of Water Pack gear brought to you by Nike and the Thompson brothers. This is likely the first of much more Thompson gear to come. IT'S ALL U

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