New STX Alliance Shafts


STX delivers two new carbon fiber performance shafts for the 2018 season with distinct performance traits. Honing into the different performance needs across the field, STX is introducing the Alliance VFT and Alliance XL shaft by tapping into the highly versatile applications of carbon fiber. Each Alliance shaft performs with a different style of play unique to the offensive and defensive position giving short sticks great options all across the field. Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.07.19 PM alliance-vft-handle-int2The STX Alliance VFT shaft is engineered with Variable Flex Technology, hence where the VFT comes from. This technology is designed to provided the offensive player a responsive, snappy feel while handling the rock in your basket. In order to make sure you have full control, there is a targeted raised 3D grip. This grip was inspired by player movement and preference which can immediately be realized on first inspection. The Alliance VFT uses a concave octagon shape with the handle for a more smooth and complete grip. You can find this great shaft in white/grey making it a match for any gamer. Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.06.58 PM alliance-xl-handle-int2 STX Alliance XL lacrosse has an oversized octagon shape to provide a powerful grip. Using a wider diameter taper from the throat of the head to the butt end of the shaft the Alliance XL fills your hands for noticeably enhanced grip. The 3D raised zones provides its own grip to the shaft, basically making it have a tape-like feel without actually using tape and having to add more weight to the handle itself. STX included a built in end cap with the Alliance XL making it ultra sleek and brings added functionality. These shafts are a must checkout! They will be flying off the shelves and off the web fast. We suspect the Alliance XL will quickly become a must have for FOGOS as STX athlete and Face Off Academy instructor has been loving the extra control while facing off with the XL. Be sure to check out these shafts and get dialed in for 2018! Shop-Now

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