New Standard For Lacrosse Shoulder & Chest Pads (ND200)


January 2021, all goalie chest pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard for commotio cordis and must contain an SEI certification mark.

January 2022, all shoulder pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard for commotio cordis and must contain an SEI certification mark.

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The Full Scoop on Commotio Cordis & NOCSAE ND200

“Beginning in January 2021, US Lacrosse boys’ and girls’ youth field lacrosse rules will require that all goalie chest protectors must meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 in order to be deemed legal for play. In addition, beginning in 2022, all field players in boys’ lacrosse must wear protection for commotio cordis that also meets the same NOCSAE performance standard... All goalie and field player equipment meeting the NOCSAE performance standard must contain an SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) certification mark.” Via US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse has stepped up in a big way with this rule change to help protect every player out on the field and especially those who may not even have even known about the risks of Comotio Cordis. It is never easy to make a sweeping change across an entire sport at every level of play but a rule change like this will help keep lacrosse safer for all and help to continue its growth.

The while Comotio Cordis is very the seriousness of it's possibility should never be ignored. All protective shoulder & chest pads meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 standard will feature a noticeably larger and more robust chest plate specifically designed to help shield the cardiac system from ball impact. All shoulder and chest pads meeting the new ND200 standard must have an SEI certification mark like below to be considered legal for play in 2021 & 2022.

(SEI Certification Mark for NOCSAE ND200 Standard)

New ND200 Certified Shoulder & Chest Pads

Luckily, the best manufactures in the game such as Maverik, STX, Nike, Warrior and more have stepped up to deliver some amazing new ND200 certified shoulder & chest pads to help prevent Comotio Cordis. One of the more interesting developments from the new rule change is seeing how each of the manufactures approached designing new ND200 certified shoulder & chest pads. While all share some similarities in order to meet the new ND200 certification, most have uniquely different designs and products which creates a wide variety of options when looking for new ND200 certified protective.

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