New Brine King Swizz Sc Shaft

I love when certain things show up in the mail. Care packages from mom (Hi Mom!), a fresh pair of new kicks, or even letters from friends are all great things to get. But today something else rolled in that just made my Friday even better. KING_SWIZZ_SC_CH4! The NEW Brine King Swizz Sc Shaft. I've been looking forward to seeing this thing the second I heard about it. Being a fan of Brine's shafts, I had a feeling this would be a good one for sure. And I was right. If you are a fan of Brine Swizzle handles, both the Swizzbeat and Swizzle Scandium, you will love this new Brine King Swizz Sc! This new shaft is 3 times stronger than the Swizzle Scandium and 5 times lighter. KING_SWIZZ_SC_RL3 copy!! With the amazing new friction finish and new Control Die Shape, you have unbelievable control even with your gloves on. The friction finish is only in the key zones on the shaft so you have better control while switching hands and dodging. This grip isn't tacky like some super rubbery finishes, this is more of a smooth grip built into the actual shaft. The New Brine King Swizz Sc handle is just the start for Brine with their newer lightweight designs and stronger shafts. Available in Six Colors: Chrome, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, and Navy Blue. You can get yours today at! IT'S ALL U

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