MLL Championship Game: Long Island Lizards VS Rochester Rattlers

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This past weekend marked the end of the Major League Lacrosse 2015 season with the Long Island Lizards taking on the Rochester Rattlers. For the second straight year the MLL Championship game was hosted in Kennesaw, GA, with an incredible turnout. Since Georgia has shown so much love for our favorite sport in the past few years, the MLL has announced that they will be adding an expansion team to the league for the 2016 MLL Season. The Atlanta Blaze will be firing up the field next summer and we are all excited to see lacrosse spread even further. Now back to the game. The Lizards faced off against the Rattlers in a battle that did not disappoint. The Rattlers jumped out of the gate early with the help of Jordan Wolf firing past Drew Adams with his brand new gold Maverik Centrik head. All season Wolf’s inhuman speed has let him blaze by any defender unlucky enough to cover him. Rochester’s John Galloway made some great early saves as well but in the end it was Drew Adams, Paul Rabil, Rob Pannell, and the rest of the ‘Wiz-Kids’ that took the show.
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Paul Rabil, rocking his sick new gloves, took home not only the trophy but MVP honors as well. Dropping six points a Championship game proves that this trade was definitely worth it.
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This game was close to the very end making it one of the most exciting games to watch this season. When players leave everything out on the field you’re always going to get a great show. Here are some highlights of the action provided by! The only down side to the end of a lacrosse season is that it’s the end of a season, but if next year is anything like this one, it will definitely be worth the wait! IT’S ALL U

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