Maverik Optik Head Review

Top of the Line Head maverik-lacrosse-head-optik-white-side One of the best parts about working for Universal Lacrosse is getting my hands on some of the new heads before they are released. About a week ago, I was handed a brand new Maverik Optik to string for promotion and pre-orders. I had heard a lot about what the new stick would be like and was unsure of what to believe. In this post will detail my full review of the Maverik Optik head that I was lucky enough to test out before its release. Initial Appearance: When I laid eyes on this head I was immediately taken to a cross between a Nike Lakota and an STX Stallion Head. I was fortunate enough to see the college legal version and really liked the shape of the throat. It is narrow for a good length up the head while remaining wide enough to stay legal. The finish is Matte which reminded me of the stallion. Stringing: As I got to string this head I was surprised by how easy it strung. The added sidewall holes are good, but the great pocket really came from the offset shape. The Level 2 bottom rail is designed to keep a solid low pocket, but the way the head contours, I was able to place a tight mid pocket that held a great shape. Feel: As I got to throw around with the head and feel it will a ball I discovered the best part of the head. The throat is strong and stiff while the 2 Strut Design allows it to give a bit when you throw. This leaves the head with both strength and durability, with added snap on shots and passes. The 4.5 ounce weight was just an added bonus after all that. Bottom line: This head is a great value at the $89.99 price range. I would recommend for both college and HS players. Probably best for either Mid, FO, or attack.

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