Making a Lacrosse Shaft: Carbon 2.0

If you are looking for an elite carbon fiber lacrosse shaft at an affordable price, look no further; East Coast Dyes recently released their newest lacrosse shaft! Based off the popular ECD Carbon lacrosse shaft, The Carbon 2.0 has been engineered with a new shape, new look, and new technology for optimal performance. The crew over at ECD even put together a mini vlog series on their YouTube channel chronicling the creative process of the Carbon 2.0. The Carbon 2.0 vlog series breaks down the creative design process into 6 mini episodes. The first episode serves as an introduction to the Carbon 2 concept. The 2nd episode is where they start to dig beneath the surface and give us, the viewer, a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce a lacrosse shaft! ECD brings us back to where it all started... Back in 2014 Greg was using early carbon shafts like the Haywire Hiflex and a True Temper prototype, but the cheapest option was around $140. That really got Greg's thought process going! He wanted to produce a high quality carbon shaft at an affordable price. Fast forward 2 years and ECD launched the Carbon Pro line in 2016 (since then, they quickly became one of the industry's top producers of carbon fiber lacrosse shafts)! Towards the tail end of the episode, Greg briefly goes over the performance goals set for the Carbon 2. Episode 3's focus is ECD's first performance goal for the Carbon 2; producing an optimal carbon fiber shaft with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. In this episode, the crew at East Coast Dyes describes the process they went through to get the finished version of the shaft. They 3D printed various shapes in order to get an actual feel of the stick in the players hand. These shapes were then made into segments to create a segmented shaft which can be quickly put together. In this episode, ECD also shows us some of the ways they product tested their prototypes vs. other leading manufacturer's shafts. Episode 4 mainly depicts their field testing. East Coast Dyes did an extensive amount of research with the original Carbon shafts that broke. They came to the conclusion that most of the shafts were breaking about 2/3 of the way up the shaft, so ECD integrated their new impact plus layup in the Carbon 2 to add material in that specific section to prevent breaks. We are also shown how they developed the insertable plug that comes standard in all Carbon 2 shafts to reduce head rattle. Once they had a batch of prototypes available Calvert Hall received a few to test during their spring season. Calvert Hall won the state championship that season.... Coincidence? We think not!!!! Episode 5 dives into the creative process for the new look of the Carbon 2. They wanted to go with a simplistic approach and settled with the ghosted look for the logos. They decided to implement a glossy finish to the logos in the same color as the matte finish to the shaft. So when you look at the stick head on you can vaguely see the logos, but at the right angle and in the right light, that logo pops real good! The final episode of the vlog closed the book on the creative process for the Carbon 2. Recapping all that went on in the previous episodes. The East Coast Dyes Carbon 2.0 is now available in all lengths in black, white or grey. Per usual, you can pick yours up at or at 1 of our 12 retail locations.

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